Friday, October 5, 2012

A Bit from Bacall

Me, after the scary narrows.
First of all,  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Bacall Murphy.  I have a nickname of 'BitBit', because when I was first adopted, I was a little bit.  I was small for my age and breed.  I'm adorable, a little shy and have a great low howl, like my namesake.

Now, the reason I am writing--this so called adventure I was dragged on this past weekend.

Complaint #1....

Goblin Valley at night.  No fun.  Monsters everywhere.  Shadows and eerie light.  Not cool.
See all of the shadows where danger lurks?  Me too!
Complaint #2

Goblin Valley does not have any trails in it.  You just explore and then when you are ready to go, you just head back to the stairs that led you into the valley.  My stubborn owner (hey Bacall, not nice!) would not listen to me for directions and we would get lost.  It turns out I was always right when getting back to the stairs.  I have a superior sense of direction!  Just listen to me, humans.

Complaint #3

It turns out I have a severe case of claustrophobia!!!  When the canyon walls started closing in on our hike in Little Wild Horse Canyon, I sort of freaked out.  My tail went between my legs.  I was an unhappy camper, and when we finally turned around,  I had to back up 10 feet before I had enough space to turn around (it really, really, really scared me).  I had a freaked out look on my face at that point.  After getting turned around and headed back down the canyon, I was soo much more relaxed.
TOO NARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Complaint #4

The length of our hikes.  Little Wild Horse Canyon is a death march.  Do not believe the lies that it is easy and short.  It is long!  Especially with my little legs.

Poor Tortured Me.... I am exhausted.
My brother, Humphrey, still recovering hours later.
I think I'll end my tales of woe now.  I normally really love my life, but if you see my human, can you please talk to her and tell her to knock off the bad stuff...

(as transcribed by Melissa)

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