Friday, November 1, 2013

Yes, I did it again...

My once a year art skills came back to me this week.

I carved another pumpkin, Tigger, to be precise.

Tigger, the Pumpkin.

He did not take me as long as others had in the past, so I worked on my photography skills in low light...

In other words, I turned my bathroom into a photography studio.  I duct taped towels for back drops; I put sheets on the counter; I covered the window to completely block out the light; and basically banned everyone from entering.  :)

see the need for towels and sheets?
ok, a good background, but my extra lighting was in the wrong spot

Both pumpkins together!
I was fun to get my tripod out and work with a slower exposure speed and capture the pumpkins in all of the glowing glory!

I hope you enjoyed it!
Until next year's pumpkins,
bye, bye drawing skills.....



  1. Exceptional no matter the lighting. How do you do that?

  2. Thank you... I have no idea. I have just accepted that once a year I can draw....on pumpkins.


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