Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Change in Stitches

In October, an era ended for me....

I delivered my last batch of quilts to Primary Children's Hospital.

For the past 15 or so years, I have made at least 10 quilts a year, but normally 15,  and donated them.  It was a labor of love, but the time has come to change my focus.

So I thought in honor of the end of this era, I would do a post about my adventures in quilting....

my trusty sewing machine

I did a simple pattern found in a Woman's Day magazine many years ago.  You simply cut 7 inch squares, then sewed them into strips of 7 and then sewed nine strips together.  It ended up being about  a crib size quilt.

I did holiday themes, sports, animals and many others...

getting its batting on...
I loved searching out fun fabric to use...
Pirate Rubber Duckies, too cute!

They weren't always perfect and in alignments, but they were made with love...
A girly pink poodle quilt
They were a bit of work, but I enjoyed working on them...
Animals playing sports!

I decided to end the quilt donations due to one simple reason, the cost of making each one has SKY ROCKETED in the last two years..  :(  

Never fear, however, I still will be giving of my time, but just in a different form.. 

Instead of sewing with a machine, my stitches will be knitted.   I have been knittin' for kittens and have a few other knitting projects to donate in mind.

Still stitching....


  1. I love these quilts. They are keepers. You're a keeper. :)

    love, marti

  2. You represent our family well. THANK YOU. You are the unsung hero.

  3. you ladies make my day by not only reading my blog but by your kind comments!!!