Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bring it on....

Ok, 2012....
Let's see what you've got!

I say this because in the 2 weeks of 2012,  I've been challenged in my New Year's Resolutions. 

Normally, I do not share my resolutions with everyone, but this year I am putting them, or most of them, out there.  There is one that is on a emotional level and it's how I deal with certain events in my life, and it does not need to be put out there, because it effects others.

So, here are my 2012 New Year's Resolutions....

1.  Run a 5k.  (if my knees are ok)
2.  Take singing lessons
3.  Take 10 minutes off my 1 mile swim time
4.  Get up earlier on my days off and on the weekends

Why did I choose these resolutions?  To stay the course on my healthy path I've set in the past year and for #2 to do something that scares me to death. 

So, how does the universe take to my Resolutions?  EARLY EARLY morning wakeup calls (5 times already this year); invitations to running magazines; emails about 5ks; and in cleaning out my closet, I found my favorite pair of swim goggles.  Bring it on, universe.  I'm ready.

The challenges, however, have not been bad.  Support has come in unexpected and welcome ways.  Facebook has provided accountability in achieving my running goal and then turns around and gives me cheers and support.

I do have a question or a plea for help...  Does anyone know of a vocal coach for the singing impaired?  In the Salt Lake area?  I've been looking and most of the ones I've found are for aspiring stars.

I promise to keep you updated and aware of my progress and yes, pitfalls of my resolutions.



  1. Your goals are lofty and challenging. Very impressive. I was wondering about your knees too. Pounding the pavement is pretty hard on them. I'm sure you can do it but cutting 10 minutes off your mile swim seems impossible to me. You've already got it pretty lean, haven't you? Singing lessons - GRAND idea. I can see how achieving these goals would elevate you to new heights. Best of luck. I congratulate you already.

  2. I've got conditional permission from my knee dr. If I go slow and don't have any pain, I can run....
    Keep your fingers crossed. :)


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