Monday, June 17, 2013

Am I Crazy?

The bathroom in my house is hideous.  I'm not exaggerating, just telling you the simple truth.

It has peach/pink tiles, not just around the bathtub, but halfway up the wall the entire length of the bathroom.  It's like the 70's threw up in there.  To make it even worse, the cabinets were painted to match the tile.  euwwwwww.....

The colors have driven me crazy the entire time I have lived here, but have you ever done a bathroom remodel?  They are insanely expensive.  boo.

So, I lived with it and painted other rooms and lived with the bathroom.

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I have a Pinterest problem.  How does this relate to my ugly bathroom you may ask?  Pins that show cheap and easy ways to redo a bathroom.  I have been stock piling those pins, and then asking people who know these things if they are a good idea or if I would just be making a bigger mess of things.

I have planned and plotted and dreamed......

and now I am springing into action with the pace of a turtle.  This will be a slow process, as I will be doing the majority of the work, but the end result will be worth it.

The Plan......

Sand, prep and then paint the bathroom cabinets from their icky peach/pink to Chocolate Coco from Behr.

Prep and paint the walls from their dull beige/peach to Organic Green from Sherwin Williams.  (I won a gift card to them a year ago that really sparked this idea)

The tiles are the biggest project and the one that has given me the biggest grief.  I saw on Pinterest a way to paint tile.  Was this really possible?  Would it last?  The answer is yes, but with some major qualifications.  You have to use the correct paint; properly prepare the tile and make triple sure the grout is clean, free of mold and in the best shape possible.  I can paint with the best of them, but grout work is  not my forte.  That is where professional help will be brought in.

The cabinets will be painted first.  This will be an upgrade even if I do nothing else.  The mismatched portion of this adventure will occur when I paint the walls, but the tiles will still be their icky color.  I've  already prepared my tidy organized soul that this will be an uncomfortable phase.

Say farewell to this....
UGLY Peach/Pink Tile Begone!!!

My budget for this entire project... $250.

I'll keep you posted on my progress......

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  1. My goodness, YES! If anyone can do it, you can! I didn't know it was ugly until you brought it up but then I'm stuck in the 70's, throw up and all!


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