Sunday, December 1, 2013

Her Royal Highness.

I am in a bit of trouble.

It has come to my attention, that while the Basset Hounds have had posts dedicated to them, my cat has only been mentioned as an afterthought.

She is displeased, and now I am fearful for my life.

Without further ado,
may I present to you,

Her Royal Highness, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, Meeko McGonagall Killer Piss Hiss Fred Murphy.

Meeko, as I get to call her
Yes, I know her name is long, but each name has a reason.  Meeko, her first and most commonly used name, is from the Disney movie 'Pocahantas'.  Do you remember the raccoon?  Yep, it's Meeko.  Her tail is striped just like a raccoon.  McGonagall is from the Harry Potter books.  The cat that Professor McGonagall transforms into reminded me of her.  Killer is from the summer she killed 45 birds.  I almost turned her in to the ASPCA and PETA.  She has since retired from hunting in her older years.  Piss is from a very grumpy day.  Hiss just sounded good with Piss.  Fred is the funniest one.  Do you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Abdominal Snowman where he finds Bugs and picks him up and thumps him on the head while saying. "Love him and Pat him and Call his name Fred"?  As you may know, cats need to be taken down a notch every once in a while and I jokingly did it to Meeko one day and she just looked harassed and tortured, that now all I have to do is call her Fred and she behaves.

One of her former napping spots.
Now that you know her name, it is time to get to know her.  Meeko is very shy.  If you come over to the house and even see her, be impressed.  Most people do not even think I have a cat.  Be honored by her presence.  I got her from the Humane Society and from what they knew, she was a street cat for the first two years of her life.  She bonded with me and the dogs, but other than that she is very shy with her affections.

She loves catnip.  Fresh only, not dried.  She gets mean with dried nip.  I have to grow 2 catnip plants during the summer for her.  In fact, I have been thinking about adding a new name to the group.  Mellow Meeko.  Every Summer by Labor Day, I threaten to send her to rehab for her nip problem.  The last two winters I have brought her plants inside and they have thrived.  If you know my indoor plant problem, you know what a miracle that is.  Meeko must of decreed they must live.

Like most cats, she loves to nap.  She takes a morning nap,  mid morning nap, pre lunch nap, post lunch nap, early afternoon nap, late afternoon nap, pre dinner nap, post dinner nap, and an early evening nap.  All naps require a different location and heaven help you if you disturb a nap.  However,  Meeko is allowed to stare at you in the middle of night to wake you up if she wants attention.  If staring does not work, she will knock items off of counters, dressers, nightstands, etc.  And, do not fall into the belief that just because she is little, big items are safe.  They are not.

Enjoying her Realm
Meeko is not overly cuddly, but loves to head butt you and get tickles down her spine.  On occasions of her choosing, she will jump into your lap and purr and cuddle; it just has to be her choice.  Royalty must be obeyed.

She does like the dogs, do not let her tell you otherwise.  She and Bacall will play and chase each other, and while she may slap at Bacall, no claws are ever used.  Meeko and Humphrey have a very funny relationship.  Meeko likes to bug H.  When entering a room that Humphrey is in, Meeko will first attempt to make eye contact.  If contact is made, she will begin to slink, that slow motion cat walk.  I imagine it like fingernails on a chalkboard to Humphrey.  It just bugs him to NO END!  Humphrey will bark and threaten to chase Meeko and then she will run into the room.  The kicker, if she can't get H to make eye contact, she continues into the room at a normal pace.  The brat.

Putting up with another photo session

 While you may never get to meet her in person, you now know a little more about the cat that rules my world.

Hopefully, this gets me out of trouble,
but until I know for sure,
I will be sleeping with one eye open.


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  1. Just learning her name intrigued me; let alone her queenly traits! Cats rule the world.


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