Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's in the Cards?

I took one the of the more off the wall items off my Bucket List today.

I had a Tarot Card reading.

There is a wonderful store in Salt Lake City called "Dancing Crane Imports" that I go to find candles and unique home items or gifts.  I was in there this week and noticed today they were hosting a Psychic Fair.

Yep, I'm in....

There were a lot of different options for the readings--who knew there were so many different types of energy/psychic reading options?  I went with the basic Tarot Card reading.

I was a little nervous not really knowing what to expect, but it turned out to be very cool.

It was on point for what was going on in my life and the interpretation of the cards made a lot of sense for me.

Will I do it again?  Yes...
It was a fun afternoon out and not expensive.   I would also like to have my palms read and also have a psychic readings. (I just find all of it very interesting.)

I will not, however, use them to figure out my life or what to do.  I will use it as a fun and somewhat educational experience about myself.

Read by a Tarot Deck

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