Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lessons Learned and other Weird Items

This bathroom remodel of mine has turned into a blogging goldmine.  Who knew?
With the previous posts of this, and this, and finally this..., it has kept my blog flowing.

This post is a list of all of the weird things and thoughts that have occurred to me during this adventure.

1.  At some point, I have had paint brushes and rollers wrapped in plastic wrap in my fridge.  FYI, it is a great way to keep your paint from drying while waiting for your coat to dry or you are done for the day.

2.  I designated an older t-shirt and yoga pants as my remodel outfit.  They have specks of paint on them and a little streak on the shoulder......Really?  If I had done something for just a second in a nice shirt, you know darn well that it would of been covered in paint, but because I didn't care, clean as a whistle.

3.  I really, really, really missed my bathroom door while it was off it hinges.

4.  My dogs would not go under the blanket I had hung in lieu of a door but will push a half closed door open to visit you in the bathroom.

5.  The painting area of my local Home Depot now asks me what the idiots have done now whenever I am in there.....

6.  It turns out I am a really clean painter.  All of the preventative covering had only a few drops of paint on them.

7.  Prep work really is the devil.  Forget the idea of flames and burning for is prep work.

8.  Put some quick to heat dinners in the freezer ahead of time.  I can not tell you how many days at 8:30 pm, I realized that not only had I not started to prepare dinner, I did not even have an idea what to cook.

9.  Be prepared for sore muscles.  You are going to use your body in weird ways.  Even if you workout, you are going to do something that is out of the ordinary that leaves you sore.

10.  Have a plan on how long the project is going to take, but if you are like me and fitting this in on the weekend and after or before work, be flexible and do not freak out if it takes longer.

11.  During the wallpaper take down, I got ridiculously excited when a piece about 2 inches by 8 inches came off at once....both layers.  (I need help..)

12.  If you live in the Salt Lake area and need a mirror or glass cut, Sugarhouse Glass on 21st South will cut it for you for $5 per cut.  WAY cheaper than any other place I called.

13.  I ended up with the door off the hinges longer than I intended due to the fact that it was easier to work in the relatively small space and I got better ventilation with it off.  Shy people need not visit during remodeling......

14.  Whatever your budget, add $50 to it.  I forgot to add in new towel racks and such..  Give yourself a cushion.

15.  I have gotten absurdly good at applying spackling.

16.  Painting a ceiling is not fun....get the extension rod and still be prepared for a sore neck.

17.  When painting a ceiling, even with my extension rod, apparently the only way I can get an even coverage is backwards behind my head.  Backbends R Us...

18.  I know I am being a tease, but photos are coming....

19.  There has been an unexpected surprise that has ended the project before I thought it would.

Finally cleaning up...

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