Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Size Fits All?

If you have been following this blog, you know that I have been leaning off the edge of the health and fitness wagon and am working on getting back in the saddle.  One of the benefits of getting a little older is that you know your body a bit better, so you hopefully know what works for you....

For me,
Diet Cokes have to be gone.  When I drink them, my lower abdomen gets immediately puffy.  When I eliminate them from my diet, it goes away.  I have noticed this time on Diet Cokes, the sugar rush and resulting crash.  The puffiness, alone is worth getting off Diet Coke, but the rush/crash cycle is what has me motivated to get off them this time.  I think my body is realizing this is (FINGERS CROSSED) the last time Diet Cokes are around, so it is RESISTING big time.  I will make it, but it is taking some time.

Next for me, the more natural and less processed the better.  I have found that I can even have desserts in moderation, if they are homemade.  My body does not react well to the preservatives and chemicals.

And finally for me, movement....  A mixture of high and low impact cardio and yoga seems to work the best.

Now, you will notice that at the beginning I said for me...
there is a reason behind this.

My friends and I have been having conversations about diet and exercise lately and we have noticed a common theme,
One size (or diet or exercise plan) does not fit all...

but there are a few common ideas that do.  We call them the 4 M's.

1. Moderation.  No matter what you eat moderation is the key.

2. Movement.  Find what works for you and have some fun.

3. Mindfulness.  Be aware of your diet, movement and your thoughts.

4. Mind your Own Business.  What works wonders for you may be a nightmare for someone else.  For example, a vegan diet is a nightmare for me, due to the fact that a lot of the protein sources come from nuts and I have a massive issue with most nuts. (They trigger massive Migraine headaches)  However, if it works for you, I am happy and pleased for you.  Please do not judge or condemn a person for the diet and workout regiment they have chosen.  This also applies for exercise--Running is a favorite of mine for cardio and I toned up and got in shape faster with it than with any other exercise program.  One of my good friends would rather face her worst nightmare than go for a run, and that's fine by me.....

Notice that the Mind Your Own Business is the one with the most info on it.  My friends and I got into an almost fight before we realized this one was the most important one.  Losing weight is hard enough as it is and if a person has recognized that they need to lose weight, and trust me on this one, they know they are not looking their best, so any condemnation or criticism is going to hit deep and hard.  If they ask for help that is one thing and even then, be kind.  But for the most part, just encourage and celebrate their new choices and changes in their life.

I saw a quote the other day that sums up how I am approaching life lately...

Be firm on your goals,
But flexible on how you get there.

Making progress,


  1. I wish you well - it's a tough journey, I know. My own health approach is a little different, a little bit Yoda, "Is no try, only do." ;-). It doesn't always keep me honest, but it definitely keeps me accountable to me, and that helps a lot. Most of all - have fun with it! Enjoy the food choices you do make and enjoy the movement that feels good to your body. A ight spirit seems to help a lot in trying to achieve lightness in body and mind.

    Kathy L.

    1. That's very well said Kathy!!! Thanks!


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