Sunday, July 15, 2012

Like the Musical Stylings of A Flock of Seagulls...

If you grew up in the 80's, 'I Ran' just popped into your head with that blog title, and this past weekend that's exactly what I did.

I signed up to run my first 5K at the Run Through the Lavender race that's held in Mona, Utah.  If you've ever driven I-15 in Juab county, you've probably seen the purple fields of lavender on the west side of the freeway, and that is what I ran through on Saturday.

the runner in the center is me!  running thru the lavender

On Monday, I got a little anxious.  On Tuesday, I was a little nauseated.  On Wednesday, my hamstring tightened up on me.  On Thursday, I melted (it was 104 F).  On Friday, I threatened to move to Canada, so I wouldn't have to run on Saturday.  On Saturday, I wondered why I had signed up to voluntarily run 3.1 miles, but I went to the start line anyway.

I have to talk a little about the weather.  If you live in Utah, the 4 days before my race where above 100 F temperatures.  UGH!!  On Friday, however, a rain storm went through most of Northern Utah and cooled the temps off.  YEAH!!!  Saturday morning, it was in the mid 60's and not rainy or windy.  Perfection for runners!

While waiting for the starting gun, I was talking to other runners about the course and the hill that makes up the first 1.4 mile of the race and how steep it was and strategies for the surge at the beginning.  It was a chip race, which meant your time did not start until you crossed the timer at the start line and ended when you went over the finish line, so you could wait for the surge of people at the beginning and still make your goal time.

I had enough adrenaline when that starting gun went off to run a marathon, but it quickly evaporated when I started and realized that dogging walkers and groups of 3 wide runners and ruts in the dirt road and the occasional mud puddle and thinking about my pace takes up a lot of energy.  Then the hill came.  197 feet elevation addition in 1.4 miles, have mercy.  It wasn't overly steep, but it went on FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!  After the race, while getting water and a snack, all of the runners were saying that their first mile was their slowest mile by far.  I was in that group.  I had to take a few 10 deep breaths breaks on that hill.

Once I turned the corner off of the uphill, my race plan started to gel.  I found a comfy running pace, my breathing evened out and I felt good.

On a side note, about this time, I'm guessing about 15 minutes in, the 1st place runner crossed the finish line in 16:21, averaging a 5:12 mile.

me, pushing to the finish line

 At about 2 1/2 miles, you could really see the finish line and the spectators could see you.  Talk about motivation to keep running!  My plan, about 3 weeks before the race, was to finish under 30 minutes, but then my running kind of fell apart, so I adjusted it to under 35 minutes, and guess what?  I made it.

My time  33:21!

Not the fastest time in the world, but out of the 1000 runners, I came in 382 place, 18th in my age division!  For my first 5K!

The promised land of no more running

If you want to run the Run Through the Lavender 5K, or they also have a Half Marathon as well, go for it.  It was a well organized and thoughtfully planned out race, and as an added benefit they give you a ton of gifts for signing up.  A technical running shirt, essential lavender oil, lavender stress relief roll on, a medal for finishing and a lavender plant!  Just do some hill training to help with that first 1.4 mile.  I did some, but not near enough and they were not long enough.

A sweaty, happy 5K finisher!!!!

Here's the kicker, I've already planned my next 5K.  It's in October!!!!
I started this adventure as a New Year's Resolution in January and it has taken me places I had not expected, but I am so glad that I did!!!!!

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    Your first run and you did so good! That's impressive.


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