Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thundering Herd....

If you own a Basset hound or two, like I do, at some point in time or multiple times, you will be sent this link...

50 Bassets Running

You will laugh and think 'yep, my dog looks like that too when he runs.'

If you also own a camera and are a budding photography geek, you will then round up your dogs and head to the local park and try to recreate the pictures.

At the park, you will quickly realize that Bassets while not great runners are even worse at stopping before crashing into said photographer.  They also get sidetracked on the way to you because they saw someone who might want to tickle their belly.   They will also get tired of running to you just so you can get the perfect shot with the perfect lighting and not do it anymore.

So, after making them run around, you will get the preppy dog shirts you found at Old Navy for $3 a piece and throw them on the dogs and take more pictures.  People will walk by laughing at the goofy dogs in the goofy shirts and then ask if they can come pet them.  It will make your day, but more importantly it will make your dog's day.

Without further ado,
here are Humphrey and Bacall running

                                                 Nice start, Bacall!!!

  Brakes would be good... (about 1/2 second later, I was cleaning slobber off my lens)
                                              Alright, Humphrey.... your turn
                            Keep going, Humphrey, you're not done running yet!  :)
               And now, the Thundering Herd of Basset Hounds are on their way!
                          Don't you hope, that you don't look like this while running?
                                           Whew, we made it!!!  No more running.
                               Can someone, please please please, tickle my belly now?
                                                     Or even just pet me?
              And if you have a cat, she will stay home and think
                                        Dogs drool and Cats Rule!

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