Sunday, April 27, 2014

Unexpected Gifts.

Alternate title--Phase 2 of the Remodel

I was more than a little terrified when I started phase 2.  The were two major parts in this phase-taking down a 3 foot by 6 foot mirror and removing wallpaper and then the  minor parts of changing the light fixture and painting the walls.  After the cork adventure, I really did not know what to expect

This is what I found....
only nail holes and no wallpaper under the mirror!  IT'S A MIRACLE!
First of all the mirror is old school....thick and heavy and of an amazing quality.  :)

Second, they did not wallpaper under the mirror.  For once, not doing a complete job is going in my favor.  It cut the amount of wallpaper I needed to take off by over half!!!!!

Third, thanks to Pinterest (I know, I know) I found a wallpaper removal mixture that in a little over a hour and a half had the majority of both layers of the wall paper off!  It had water, vinegar and fabric softener in it, so my bathroom smells April fresh right now.

Fourth,  except for the holes for the that held the heavy duty mounts for the mirror, a couple of other nail holes and a little gap around the light box, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the wall!!!

Fifth, with the help of a master electrician that I know, I learned how to change light fixtures.  Not that scary and not that hard.

Sixth, if you live in the Sugarhouse area and need a mirror cut, Sugarhouse Glass is wonderful!  $5 per cut.  Custom mirror without the cost.

And finally, after a bad day and a regrouping of my sanity, my wounded wall is healed and looking good.  WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

Unexpected Gifts that were sooooooo very welcome.

And got this project back on track.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....

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  1. I'm highly impressed. You're delving into the professional. Wahoo for you!


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