Thursday, January 1, 2015

An Argument For...

As the New Year approached, I noticed a a troubling trend....

picking on New Year's Resolutions.

It's easy to pick on them, I admit...
the low success rate...
the repeats...

I am here, however, to defend the beleaguered tradition.

I do resolutions every year and for the most part have been fairly successful at them and I think I may have a few tips to help out.

#1.  Keep your list visible.
        I have my list on my phone in my reminder list.  I have it written in my journal I write in throughout the year.  I have yet another copy written on a piece of a paper that moves about my room.  I even put it here on my blog.

Keep it where you will see it.  It reminds you.  It will encourage you.

#2.  Have a plan for each and every item on your list.
       It does not have set in concrete, but at least have an idea of how you are going to accomplish them.  The one item I completely missed on in 2014 was the one item I did not have a plan for when I made my list.....  Have a plan, people!!!

#3.  It does not have to be, nor will it be perfect....
       Life is a two steps forward, one step back proposition periodically.  You will have success, but you will also have some failures.  DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!  For 2014, I had a resolution to explore my creativity.  My first 2 attempts at classes were dismal failures, but the third one was where I found success.  Sometimes you have to find a different teacher, a different class, or sometimes it just needs to be at a different time in your life.  The missed attempts lead you where you want to go by showing you what does not work.  Thomas Edison said it best....'If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward'....

#4.  Do not try and change too much too fast...
      Life is not a sprint.  It is a marathon.  You will not lose 30 pounds in a week.  You will not read all of the classics in a week.  Somethings take time and I, personally, believe this is a very good thing.  Case in point, my resolution in 2014 about finding balance in my workouts.  I struggled with this the ENTIRE year, until I realized something in December that brought it all into focus.  I needed the marathon of 2014 to learn what  I needed to know to finally get it.  It will come, and like my advice in #3,  don't give up.

#5.  Your list is personal.
       It's yours and no one else's.  Yes, there will be some common resolutions, but you are unique.  Embrace that!  You may have 1 items or you may have 10, it is up to YOU!  And remember, this very important fact,  no one has to see your entire list.  If there is something you want support or maybe a buddy for, by all means, share it, but there is no requirement that your list needs to be public.
       So Melissa, you are now wanting to know, why in your tip #1 did you say that you put your list on the blog for all to see?  For me, the accountability and adventures of resolution make for easy blog posts.  However, in some years, there are some items that do not make it onto the blog.  They were too personal and did not need to be in the public eye.
      My list of resolutions always seems to be a representative of my hopes, dreams, and yes, frustrations in my life.

#6.  Who says you have to start January 1st?
      If the cliche of a New Year's Resolution drives you bonkers, start in February, or June.  It's your list and your life, start when you want, just start!

#7.   Finally, have some fun with it!!
      Not all of your resolutions have to serious.  Make a resolutions to celebrate weird holidays.   Watch all of the Monty Python movies.   Go sledding as much as possible.    Remember to have some fun.

I hope this has persuaded you to at least think about making some New Year's Resolutions...
and not to give up in March.


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  1. I think New Years resolutions are only for those who want to improve, feel alert and alive, stimulated, and want to experience growth. They are only for the young in heart. Those who love life. Also, we have a tendency at the end of a year to feel like failures, even despair; resolutions give us a new beginning, a new hope; another chance.