Monday, April 25, 2011

Double your Pleasure or Double Trouble?

Since yesterday was Easter, I decided to take the day off of my 30 day Bikram challenge and spend the day with family and friends and enjoying a very yummy Easter dinner.  The consequence of the decision is this..... I have to do a double Bikram today.  What does that mean?  Two classes in one day.  180 minutes of the torture chamber.  :) (I think...)

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this..  Back to back classes (stick a fork in me now, cause I would be DONE), or the way I am doing it.   I attended a morning class, got all sweaty, stretched and survived, and at 8pm tonight, I will go back and repeat.   The approach I'm taking allows me to rehydrate, refuel and rest between classes.  It's a nice benefit at my Bikram studio that they have so many classes thru out the day to allow the options.

I am nearing the end of my 30 day challenge, just 5 more days left.  I can't believe it, in a good way.

Well, I'm off to get more fuel in my system.

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