Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Lemming into the sea....

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but didn't quite know what to write about, so I held off.

Today, however, I decided to give my self 3 months of trying to find my voice on the web...

First, the name.... A Little to the Left. Why that one? First of all, I'm left handed; second, my politics lean 'a little to the left'; and finally, when I'm shooting photos, I find myself moving a little to the left to get the shot I want.

What will you read about here? My Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge, Photography (I got my first DSLR camera for Christmas), life as I know it, and whatever else comes to mind.

What won't your read about? Details about family and friends....most of my family and my best friends are not on the web in any form, so I will respect their wishes. If there is a story to tell, I will use nicknames and vague references. If you know them, you'll know who they are, but if you don't you'll just get a funny story about an incident in my life. :)

Also, you won't be reading about politics or religion. I have my beliefs and you have yours and that works for me. For me, on the internet, I have found that when either one of these topics are brought up, the comments left are things people probably wouldn't say if they were right in front of you. It's not respectful or helpful , so don't look to here for political or religious insights. I'll talk to you in person about them, but not on the web.

So, another lemming has jumped into the sea of blogs......

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